About us

Fundy | Nigeria's Charity Crowdfunding

About Us
Fundy is an online fundraising and crowdfunding portal in Nigeria where individuals and charity organizations with societal impactful causes and projects can easily raise funds.

By using the campaign portal for crowdfunding in Nigeria, Individuals, Charities, School Alumnus, Religious organisations, Entertainers and other game-changers can ensure their big dreams come true, by enlisting the help of people all over the world.
Our focus and goal is to help people and commuity get empowered.

Our Story
Founded in 2021, our Mission is to be the No.1 portal for crowdfunding in Nigeria. Where Nigerians in Nigeria and in the Diaspora or people with Nigerian descent and affiliation, can collectively help change lives through online fundraising for projects and charitable causes.
We seek as a Vision to Change Lives through Collective Giving.

Our principles:
  • No huge cause or life changing project should go unfunded
  • It is more blessed to give than to receive.
  • We should give as we have been given.

Things to know about Fundy.com.ng
  1. Fundy.com.ng is a home for funding your small or big Charity dreams. Our mission is to help ease the burden of raising funds for your charity project or causes, bringing your dreams to fruition.
  2. Fundy.com.ng supports each dream (Project or Charitable Cause) created by individuals or organisations.
  3. Fundy.com.ng in its capacity has tried to curtail all avenues of fraud and mismanagement of funds raised, making sure all funds are used for the designated cause/charity/project.
  4. Fundy.com.ng will support Fund Raisers to ensure their big dream is met using the Fundy.com.ng supervisory framework.